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Store Visit: Cabinet Noir

Store Visit: Cabinet Noir

For our first store visit, we went to Cabinet Noir in Perth, Australia.
This is the Gem of the down under.

Cabinet Noir is founded and directed by Edward Maradona.
He opened shop in 2013. Cabinet Noir is located on Shafto Lane, Perth. The title in French, meaning the “Black Room”, derives from the office in France where the letters of suspected persons were opened and read by public officials before being forwarded to their destination. The office where this operation took place was called Cabinet du Secrets des Postes, or more popularly ‘Cabinet Noir.’

Cabinet Noir’s brand selection is an impressive one, featuring Stone Island, Comme Des Garcon SHIRT and WALLET, Head Porter, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Sophnet, Maharishi, Adidas, Nike, Filling Pieces, Human Made, Off White, Our Legacy and the list just goes on and on and on. Cabinet Noir’s brand selection is the wet dream of every fashionhead out there.

Cabinet Noir also has an in house brand of designer socks in collab with Glen Clyde, a good pair of socks is just as important as a decent pair of crepes.

Cabinet Noir also has an online store . So if you can’t make it all the way to Australia you can always order online. But some brands and collabs are only available in store. Like the recently released Gosha Rubchinksy’s AW17 delivery 1.


So when in Australia – doesn’t matter where in Australia – make sure to visit Cabinet Noir in Perth for one of the best brand and curated collections that we have ever seen.


Image credit: Cabinet Noir

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