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Apple Reveals The Next Decade Of Smartphones With iPhone X

Apple Reveals The Next Decade Of Smartphones With iPhone X

Apple just launched its latest set of iPhone. Of course, the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are amazing devices, adding new features like wireless charging and Portret Mode in an almost all glass design. With prices starting at €809 and €919 – in Europe – this iPhone is a steal. But since it’s the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary, everyone knew that Apple would have ‘one more thing’ to announce. Presenting, the iPhone X:

The most premium member of the iPhone family has arrived. While the new smartphone is a bit smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, its screen is larger. The iPhone X features an immersive edge-to-edge design, made possible by the all new Super Retina Display. This display is the first OLED screen ever to be found on an iPhone. This is remarkable, because Apple never deemed OLED qualified enough to use in the iPhone.

Sadly, in the process of making way for the screen, our trusted home button – and with it, Touch ID – vanished. In its stead, a facial recognition system by the name of Face ID will secure our iPhones. To power the new display and facial recognition, a new chip was implemented. To be more specific, a neural chip, called the A11 Bionic processor. The CPU has six cores and is built to handle artificial intelligence and compute heavy tasks. The GPU is for 3D apps and games and is also built for machine learning tasks. In other words, Siri will be smarter.

iphone x

Apple didn’t stop there. ‘The future is wireless’, they said, and it looks like the ringleaders intend to keep to this philosophy. Using the new glass design, the tech giant introduced the iPhone to universal wireless charging. The Cupertino residents also added another feature – one we feel is gonna be a hit – Portrait Mode. With Portrait Mode, you can change the lighting effect on the photo with real-time analysis via machine learning. This means that you don’t need the perfect lighting to snap a great pic.

Oh, and Animoji. This new feature uses the facial recognition technology to customise, animate and record your emojis. The iPhone X is the most powerful and extravagant iPhone ever built, and the price is exactly that. Starting at €1159 in Europe, the new phone is the most expensive one yet. For a quick overview, we’ve listed the key innovations for you:

iPhone X:

  • Facial Recognition with the new Face ID
  • No more home button, so no more Touch ID
  • A11 Bionic processor
  • Wireless charging
  • New edge-to-edge OLED Super Retina Display
  • True tone display
  • 12 MP camera with improved lens and sensor
  • Water and dust resistant

Preorders start this Friday, September 15. All of the phones will be available come September 22. Check out the website for more in-depth information.

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