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Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ – IT’S A CONSPIRACY.

Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ – IT’S A CONSPIRACY.

We’ve all been pleading and screaming that we miss the old Kanye. But what the fuck does that actually mean? Would you really listen to Through The Wire the same way as you would do now? That was a different era and a whole different sound.

In my opinion, Kanye delivered the essence of Kanye West with his latest album Ye. Ye consists out of seven tracks, but why seven? Why aren’t there more tracks on this album? I think I figured it out, these seven tracks are a completion of his seven albums before Ye (excluding Watch The Throne).

How, you may ask? Well, listening to the album the first time, it didn’t feel special or new to me. It felt familiar and it felt like a conclusion. After closely listening to the album a second time, it struck me that some tracks sounded like they could easily belong on his other albums. One could even say that each track is a sequel or kind of an ending track to each album.

The album starts off with I Thought About Killing You. The realness and honesty of this track is unheard of. Kanye doesn’t think in boundaries or limits and isn’t afraid of expressing his negative feelings. The unapologetic style of rapping on this track feels like it could’ve been the ending track of Yeezus, as it fits well within the rest of the album. Furthermore, is he talking about killing someone’s career or just catching a body?

Then we have the second track on the album, Yikes. This is easily the same style of music that Kanye used throughout My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and again it feels like it could be the ending track. Noting that all the tracks on Ye do have something optimistic and grown to it. And then we have All Mine, which feels like a track from The College Dropout. And damn do I love the line “I love your titties, cause they prove I can focus on two things at once“. Track number four: Wouldn’t Leave, this track has a Late Registration vibe to it. The fifth track, No Mistakes, feels like it could’ve been on Graduation.

And then we have the track that has the most overwhelming evidence, Track number 6: Ghost Town. This track must be the ending track to 808 & Heartbreaks. The guitar and vocals have 808 written all over it, Kid Cudi and 070 Shake deliver the feelz. And last but not least; Violent Crimes feels like it could’ve been on The Life Of Pablo.

Maybe I’m just extremely paranoid, but I want to believe that I’m seeing the bigger picture in the album Ye. Ye listened to our wishes and brought back the Old Kanye, depending on who’s listening. Because the Old Kanye is just relative for all of us. Because of this, Ye feels like completion. Without linking it to Kanye West’s previous albums, I would’ve said that this was just a mediocre album with good beats and okay lyrics. But I never thought I could listen to an album and hear seven albums at once. And therefore, this album is a masterpiece.

I would like to end this with a picture of Michael Cera on Ye’s album cover:



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