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People always say to write down your thoughts as it may create a sense of relief. I always wonder when you share these writings, if it is actually relief or maybe just complaining? That creates a sense of consciousness when I write for publications. Because you know, #goodvibesonly. I know, I know, I can’t stand that sentence either. But it’s actually something I try to live by. I want to talk about stuff without judgment, but where I obviously have an opinion about. So how do you do that without being a know it all and spreading negativity? I honestly don’t know. All a woman can do is try – so, here I go.

I would like to talk about support acts at concerts. I often wonder why a lot of people tend to believe they ‘support’ new artists, or want to support those new comers, but aren’t showing appreciation or support for that matter. We’re all rooting for our family, friends or artists we know and love. What’s the difference with people we don’t know yet, but are also creating the things we like?

I’m always kind of bummed out when people don’t take the time to listen to a support act just because they don’t know them. When actually for that artist it’s probably even harder to go on stage knowing the crowd didn’t really came to see them. They are hyping you for the main act, they might be introducing their art for the first time or maybe it’s even their first time on a stage during a sold out concert. It’s about their art, their heart, their soul, which we get to see first before they might be the next best thing. And I admire their courage. In honor of supporting acts I would like to introduce a few I came across and really liked.

  1. Manu Crooks. Support act at SAINt JHN. He’s from Sydney, Australia. I personally found him very humble, a very good hypeman and a very enthousiastic performer. My personal favorite is the track ‘Fuego’ featuring Anfa Rose. It has that Havana, Cuba feel to it where I literally imagine myself in that cute dress feeling FUEGO. Summer tune for sure.
  2. Che Lingo. Support act of OSHUN. He came with this energy that was so sincere, you couldn’t deny it even if you wanted to. You might know him from this song ‘Black Girl Magic’. The only song I actually knew. The music video that goes with that song is cool too. The girls in the video are very relatable, they are so beautiful but not like the video vixen model type we’re used to seeing. Combined with colorful back drops that brings you to spring/summer immediately. The song is very upbeat and he’s rooting and rapping for all of that melanin. What more could we want? He’s keeping up his energy with the song ‘Same energy’, which I find very uplifting – rapping about his grind where he says ‘You lose some, you win some. Just don’t cross that line when the win comes. I bet we can all relate.
  3. Tiara Thomas, she was so perfect. Warming up for H.E.R. Promoting her recently released album FWMM (Fuckin’ With My Mind). Tiara Thomas is every woman. I might just have a crush on her. The way she danced, so sensual. Then talking so sweet and humble, but also very encouraging and empowering. Many may know her from the song ‘Mary Jane’, a banger no doubt. I personally lost track of her so finding my way back was the best thing. Absolutely in love with the track ‘Sex Drive’ of her album FWMM. It makes me feel ok to have sexual desires and needs. Most women know how it feels when you just want to have sex, but then being judged for it. This album released me from all the stigma and just let me be the woman I am – where I’m able to meet my desires.

Tip: I love to follow up ‘Sex Drive’ with ‘I Need’:

“I need money

I need sleep

I need new shit

I need peace

I need you when, I want the D

I need true shit, when you talk to me

Yeah, I could use some inspiration

I need someone I can create with”

Don’t we all?! I feel it definitely sets a mood and I hope you enjoy it!

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