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Bolt Mobility’s Etergo Is Up For Pre-Order

Bolt Mobility’s Etergo Is Up For Pre-Order

About 8 months ago we introduced you to Bolt Mobility’s AppScooter. We described it as the Tesla of Scooters with a high demand for the electric driving world we’re trying to create. Well, Bolt Mobility changed some things up and now brings you the final version of the AppScooter, now named Etergo.

Etergo took a major step in its mission to bring highly scalable, clean and smart electric mobility to the masses. AppScooter, the first fully app-integrated electric scooter in the world and brainchild of Etergo co-founders Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Flipse, will soon be tested on Dutch roads, collecting real-world data and providing invaluable information to the talented engineers working toward getting AppScooter ready for volume production.

This milestone was celebrated at AppScooter’s Unveil & Rebranding Event at the Amsterdam Theater July 6th, broadcast via Livestream worldwide. Thousands of fans, investors and press received a firsthand look at AppScooter, as well as presentation and demo from Bart and Marijn.

AppScooter was born in Amsterdam, the epicenter of Europe’s green transportation boom. With a range up to 240 km, acceleration from 0-45 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, a massive 60L storage space, and a 7’ LED touchscreen display, AppScooter brings style, function and future-ready connectivity to the e-scooter market.

In addition, Marijn and Bart opened Pre-orders across Europe, where the first regions crossing the 100 pre-order mark will receive their AppScooter in the coming year. Mobile Etergo Service Vans with Service Experts trained in AppScooter diagnostic and repair will provide scheduled maintenance and on location support in these regions.

On the growing footprint of AppScooter, Marijn notes,”We are ambitious in our objective to bring AppScooter to as much of Europe as possible and beyond. There are already plans in place to open pre-orders in Asia later this year.”

The new investment round was also announced for later this summer, providing an opportunity for backers to continue aiding in AppScooter’s exciting growth endeavors.

Finally, Bolt Mobility’s rebranding as Etergo was revealed, along with a new website. On the new branding, co-founder Bart said, “Bolt’s name needed to change due to legal reasons, so we took this as an opportunity to embrace a new, unique brand identity. We looked for something catchy that resonated with the values and mission we stand for. Et Ergo means “and therefore” in Latin, which leads us to the reason why we started this company in the first place; to speed the transition toward renewable energy. As in, “…and therefore, AppScooter.” We were proud to be Bolt Mobility, but we love being Etergo.”

AppScooter will retail in its basic package at €3399. Etergo plans to announce exclusive pre-production test drives for pre-order customers at its Amsterdam HQ this summer.



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