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Daily Paper Display Their Forthcoming Fall/Winter 2018 Lookbook Titled “UNITE”

Daily Paper Display Their Forthcoming Fall/Winter 2018 Lookbook Titled “UNITE”

Since presenting their Fall/Winter 2018 collection at Paris Fashion Week back in January and then later collaborating with film director Sharif Abdel Mawla to produce a teaser film showcasing the diversity of Amsterdam youth in a state of comfort and confidence, streetwear and lifestyle label, Daily Paper, are finally ready to reveal the looks of their upcoming Mens collection in its entirety.

The collection is based out of three stages best described as, the recruitment phase, the knowledgeable voice and the final stage. Here it is broken down into words and apparel.

Stage 1

The recruitment phase where they explore how youth are connected through similar experiences. Where they speak their truths and challenge the systems that are set out for them by a detached voice. It’s where fashion can be perceived as a team sport where it’s about understanding and supporting each other and their entrepreneurial behavior.

Where the youth shout loud and stand out. It’s the beginning of shaping individual self. Saying NO to racism, NO to inequality, NO to violence, NO to the system. This can be seen in the big silhouettes used as well as bold colorful fabric choices. Daily Paper play with prints that are overused and betray a lack of original thought, wearing clothes out of context to break through conventional ideas. In this stage, Daily Paper is inspired by vintage sportswear pieces like rugby shirts, cycling & racing gear, soccer shirts. The graphics are inspired by sponsored garments and general team sports logos and propaganda-inspired poster prints.

Stage 2

But what use is a voice with no message or knowledge? In Stage 2 Daily Paper explores the importance of growth and becoming aware of the world that they live in and building strength in their convictions. They go from street smart to book smart and find out more about their history and ancestral backgrounds. In this stage the label encourages us to investigate, to research, to fact check, to discuss. Knowledge is the best weapon and we may need it. As they grow and mature the silhouettes and fabrics reflect this.

Gentlemen’s suits and working-class uniforms form an interesting contradictory significance throughout the collection. Oversized suits, trench coats, mailman jackets, raincoats and overall utility wear become very abundant. The graphics in this stage are based on infographics, instruction manuals and collegiate branding. The fabrics are checked cotton, pinstripe linings and clean wools with a clear conception of tailoring.

Stage 3

In stage 3, the final stage, the complexities of the world have been discovered and it may not be so clear who is part of this community. Politics is a joke and consciousness is needed. We will have to approach this in a very subtle way. We want to protect ourselves and our privacy. In this collection Daily Paper play with the notion of facing danger in combat, whether it be in a futuristic, science fiction inspired world or the current real one. Silhouettes in the third stage are inspired by garments like utility and army gear. Daily Paper research uniforms to keep a consistent, repetitive and most of all, anonymous profile. Within these low key, uniform-inspired silhouettes they use workwear fabrics with heat reactive elements. Secret messages, that can only be read with certain “vision” and UV sensitive ink that make important messages appear for those who want to see them.

Shop the collection online and instore.

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