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Anne-Fay Says ‘Rise’

Anne-Fay Says ‘Rise’

Anne-Fay introduced herself as a solo artist recently and the talented artist isn’t planning on stopping any time soon.

‘This track happened at the very first studio session with producer Mihai Puscoiu (who also co-produced the album ISON of Sevdaliza), some inner frustration caused me to belt out. I looked at Mihai’s eyes, who expressed that this was not what he’d expected. We never changed this first recording.’ – Anne Fay

Anne-Fay performed this track at Lowlands, Netherlands largest festival, leaving a crowd literally in tears. From the many emotional reactions she gets from performing this track live, she realized she had to release it.

“…These days will be mine. Tomorrow is mine…”

The song is about being in a dark moment in your life, but knowing you’ll be alright. It just takes a lot of time and even more willpower. ‘Rise’ is the second release of Anne-Fay’s solo project. It’s a dark and raw ballad with some gospel influences. The track features some of the members of the ZO! Gospel Choir, the Dutch main gospel choir.

The music video, directed by photographer Semuel Souhuwat, keeps the focus on the pure emotions of the vocals. No distractions.

As a former member of ZO! Gospel Choir and as frontwoman of Cookachoo, Anne-fay did most of the big stages and festivals in the Netherlands. During the last year, she performed as a singer and dancer in two successful theater shows (Lijf and Rol Model). During the last two years, she worked on her solo project.

Anne-fay graduated as a dancer but after her studies, she ended up in the cold world of dance auditions, whereby others determine if you may dance and if you fit into the concept. She decided to create her own dance stage by making music herself. She joined ZO! Gospel Choir to work on her vocal qualities. For about six years she learned a lot by rehearsing and doing shows with experienced vocalists like Kamasi Washington, Oleta Adams, and Glennis Grace.

In addition to ZO! Gospel Choir she started Cookachoo with her brother Felix Kops (director, lyricist). Soon after its foundation they signed a contract with PIAS and released two EP’s. Together with booking office Topbillin’, Cookachoo performed at Lowlands, Mysteryland, Eurosonic/Noorderslag, Paris Fashion Week and Milkshake Festival Sao Paulo. Cookachoo also performed as support act for Major Lazer and Buraka Som Sistema.

Recently Anne-fay stopped Cookachoo and quit from ZO! Gospel Choir in order to fully focus on her solo career. For two years she worked on her own music with producers Mihai Puscoiu and Reynard ‘Mucky’ Bargmann (they also produced for Wiley and Sevdaliza).

Just like her roots (Dutch, Surinamese, African and Chinese), it became a ‘moksi’. An unpolished mix of gospel, soul and hiphop, that is leaning on a dark period that she left behind. From subdued warm to raw sorts that hit you.

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