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From the moment Dr. Martens was pulled away from their industrial roots and embraced by subcultures, the brand is a symbol of courage and rebellion. The Alternative Edge collection reflects this DNA, fully equipped with coarse studs and contrasts.

The iconic 1460 boot is released in black vintage leather, which has undergone a wear process to give it a rugged look. Square gunmetal studs and contrasting white lines give the 1460 a raw edge. The hi-loop and yellow stitching ensure a recognizable Dr. Martens DNA. Two more icons have been added to the collection with the same alternative DIY spirit. The 1490 Joska and 1461 Zambello are the definition of customization and customizing; richly equipped with straps, belts and pyramid studs. The black-and-white soft leather provides a striking, dramatic contrast, while the yellow stitching and the black heel loop complete the picture with dr. Martens DNA.

To complete the alternative style, the Small Stud backpack has been added to the Alternative Edge collection. Made from Vintage Smooth leather and premium Kyiv leather, also printed with gunmetal studs and hardware. And finally, the Stud socks with a 2D interpretation of the pyramid studs.

The Alternative Edge collection is available from mid-July at the Dr. Martens stores and online.

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