Every now and then we stumble upon very exclusive ideas from individuals and this one really hit home., a new way of interacting with your hair.

The mission is to simplify the natural hair journey by creating the first platform where their community can find the information, techniques and regimes that work best for their unique hair type.

‘What works for 3b hair might not work for 4c’

Like our diaspora, afro-textured hair comes in a variety of curl patterns that each require a harmonious blend of products + care regimen in order to keep the hair healthy and thriving. Due to a major shift in the demand for afro-textured hair products and no real research & development done by standing hair care brands, each person is left to discover what works best through experimentation. This can be, not only, expensive but extremely discouraging.

‘Let’s solve the problem!’ will be the first online platform built for the natural hair community bringing the buyers, sellers, and students of the journey all into one App-mosphere. Each member will discover their hair texture and other properties to create their personal hair profile. The hair profile allows each member to find the right mix of natural hair products in our marketplace along with the right content in their personal content feed. The more community shared knowledge, the better the product and content recommendations curated for each profile.

By creating a platform powered by the collective knowledge of the natural hair community, we can ensure that the global African family is able to explore and introduce their true self to the world.

Have a listen to Episode 1: Why on their podcast ‘The Sh!t They Don’t Tell You’. Begin with the Series Edition and stay to soak up the conversations pertaining from the non-traditional approach to life coaching. They talk new age adulting— what “they” don’t tell you.

Check out their website to join the Tribe and share the cause with your friends.

Make sure to also check out the Co-founders which are Qianna Pijeaux and Andre Pijeaux. Qianna received a degree in Neuroscience and continuously enriches her understanding of human behavior and the developmental effects of cultural influences. Andre, on the other hand, is a professional Growth Strategist and Marketing Technologist with experience working with Fortune 500 companies and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses), respectively.

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