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Bright colors, digital patterns and optical illusions. The Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition 2019 is fresh with 3D effects and an ultra-modern style. The Spanish-Argentinian urban street artist Felipe Pantone is the man behind this energetic and almost psychedelic masterpiece.

Hennessy started the Very Special Limited Edition tradition in 2010 and previously developed urban artworks in the form of lessons with talents such as Vhils, JonOne and Futura. This year, the world’s best-selling brand of cognac goes one step further and commissioned two original works of art as part of the collaboration that Felipe Pantone describes as Remixing the Present.

Hennessy and Pantone find each other in the mix of the old and the new. Felipe Pantone draws his inspiration from art history and his own nostalgic memories, which he uses in a powerful visual representation of the lightning-fast world of today. Hennessy, too, is a master at blending tradition and innovation, with the perfect balance between old and new for every cognac. This shared passion comes together in Remixing the Present, the motto of the newest Very Special Limited Edition. Pantone used aluminum composite panels and spray paint to create a colorful landscape of 3D shapes and optical art patterns, reminiscent of vintage computers and QR codes. Together with a rainbow-colored lightning bolt, it is his technicolor vision of our dazzling, dynamic times.

“Hennessy is known in my circles as a company that respects artists and builds a bridge between our worlds. That is why collaboration with them is also wanted! And there is plenty of inspiration in this digital age that we shoot through at lightning speed. I have used colors, shapes and movements that reflect that. Speed, change, innovation – it all comes together in this design. Hennessy has managed to stay relevant and dynamic through the ages, combining old elements with new ones, just like I do. That is what Remixing the Present is about. ” – FELIPE PANTONE

Felipe Pantone was born in Argentina in 1986 and moved to Spain ten years later, but if you ask him where he comes from, he calls himself a child of the internet. At the age of 12, he started with graffiti and developing his flamboyant style, using illusion and movement for an ultramodern vibe with a nostalgic edge. He translates the energy of kinetic and optical art from the 1960s and pop and cyberculture from his youth into abstract works full of form and color. He studied Visual Arts, where he stood out for his innovative, abstract and colorful 3D work. Pantone became world famous without ever showing his face, which contributes to his cult status.

Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition is the world’s most popular cognac and an indispensable basic ingredient in mixology. The characteristic blend with the full aroma of oak gives a powerful taste with a hint of roasted almonds and the fresh, vibrant tones of grapes. For this Limited Edition, Hennessy selected only the best and most outspoken Eaux-de-vie. After several years of maturing in French oak barrels, a blend is created with the high quality and craftsmanship for which the Hennessy cognac house is known. The Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition is the drink for every very special moment – whether you drink it pure, with ice or in the mix.

The Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone is available from today at the better-stocked liquor stores, for the suggested retail price of €39,95. The bottle appears in a very limited edition; only 408 are distributed in the Netherlands.

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