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With the awareness around sustainability more and more brands are looking into making their brand sustainable. New brands, on the other hand, have the chance to start as a sustainable brand which is a very good look. Fashion designer Marcha Hüskes launches her new label MARCHA.

MARCHA consists of a basic collection to which new items and limited edition pieces are added during the season. In this way, the designer distances herself from the usual launch of several collections per year. The collection is intended for women who are looking for slow fashion and “good fashion”. The collection, therefore, shows the best of both worlds: consciously dealing with the world, without compromising on quality and design. This is reflected in the choice of materials such as vegan leather and quality fabrics and the design with a luxurious touch and fit.

The new brand store is a mindful luxury fashion destination where customers have direct contact with the designer and where she can customize the items perfectly if desired. Hüskes also offers the possibility to directly translate the wishes of its customers into new items. In addition to the brand store, there is also a webshop.

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