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Meet Amsterdam’s Photography Princess On The Rise – Juliane Falk

Whether on nice locations shooting campaigns or in her studio snapping shots of famous artists and groovy models. We can safely say, Juliane Falk is on the rise.

The 24-year old Juliane was born in Sinsheim, Germany and moved to The Hague, The Netherlands by the age of 12. After 7 years of fun moments with mommy and her younger brother, Juliane thought it was time to move out and fulfill her aspirations of becoming a photographer. A question that most people then have is, ‘how did that aspiration grow?’ Well, here’s how it all went down for Juliane.

While attending high school she had the assignment to find herself an internship. Googling some creative professions got her to discover photography. So with this profession having her interest, she did an internship at an independent photographer in Rotterdam. This is what shaped her aspirations of becoming a photographer even more. Seeing the photographer having her own business in her twenties and doing exciting projects, meeting great clients day-in-day-out – was all the convincing that was needed to study photography at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam. This study took place for over 4 years and afterwards transformed into what we call ‘freelancing’ nowadays. Juliane has been freelancing for over three years now and already landed some great work.

‘A model needs to be at ease, the environment you’re about to work in needs to be relaxed and that’s the fundamentals of creating magic.’

When we looked at Juliane’s work we discovered she has a bit of a different connection with her models. Which brought up the question, ‘how do you choose who you want to have in front of the camera?’ We can tell you this people: ‘it’s not just a pretty face, your entire appearance needs to be interesting.’ And that’s not a crazy thing since the photographer thinks that if you want to create your best work, you have to be on the same page. A model needs to be at ease, the environment you’re about to work in needs to be relaxed, those are the fundamentals of creating magic. As mentioned before, Juliane has already landed some great work for brands such as Nike, Sneakersmag and Reebok. Day to date Juliane says her biggest project has yet to be released. It’s an international campaign for sportswear brand Asics. The campaign was shot in Berlin and should surface anytime soon on billboards all over the world.

Not only is Falk busy creating magic with her camera, she has some exciting news for you as a photography colleague. For quite a while, Juliane has had a studio in the lovely center of Amsterdam – and now it’s time to expand. In January, she is opening a large studio in Amsterdam South-East, where photography colleagues are able to rent out space to work in. The opening of the studio can’t happen without a celebration. More information regarding this event will be available on all our social media outlets such as Juliane’s.

To give you a glimpse of what Juliane Falk is doing, Isa Ijpelaar made a behind the scenes video.

Juliane Falk
Mobile: +31 6 31 79 91 42


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