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The in the Netherlands founded brand Ontour is on their way to escape velocity. Here’s how:

The brand proudly introduces ‘Escape Velocity’, the first collection to release through the Discovery line. The Discovery line is a newly initiated line to bring back the more experimental, story-telling collections with which Ontour once started. The collection is a tribute to the designer’s life-goal to go to outer space. Etienne Cootjans envisions his passion into two distinct directions. One side focuses on natural appearances in space, like the arrays of colors seen in star-forming nebulae, to high-res imagery of planets from our solar system. The other side concentrates on the scientific and technical aspects of space, like space travel, spacecraft and NASA.

“Being Ontour is about the people you meet, the places you visit and the experience of the unknown. No matter what you create, how you get there is what defines you. It’s all about the journey.”

Ontour was founded in The Netherlands in 2005. Their style is defined by the founders’ background as product designers, combined with their interest in street culture and contemporary design. Over the years, they’ve developed a distinct visual language that can be recognized as a combination of minimalism and playfulness. In 2018, Etienne Cootjans has been appointed as head-designer. He initiated the Discovery line, which introduces themed, story-telling collections to the brand.

Ontour cares about our planet, they consider it important that their clothing is produced under the best conditions which 80% of all our products are made in Europe. With their production partners, they aim to improve labor, environmental and animal welfare conditions.

Here’s ‘Escaping Velocity’:


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