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For those who crave simplicity and are much more in tune with their spiritual side, Soul Piece might just be what you need. The Amsterdam based brand brings you a new piece in two different shades.

Soul Piece is a lifestyle brand for those who act with love, soul & passion. Soul Piece creates comfy pieces in Amsterdam where the brand always strives for the most unique materials available. Soul Piece loves to collaborate with other like-minded creatives. Therefore you can see that one of the worlds most talented musicians, Masego, is also chipping in on his side, performing in the Soul Piece pants.

Everything is just better if you put some soul in it. – Yannick

To add something to your wardrobe, the brand thought about making it a bit simple with a touch of soul. What is more simple than a white or black tee? Nothing! That’s why Soul Piece added two very minimalistic products to their collection, a white and a black short-sleeved t-shirt with ‘Soul Piece’ embroidered in the center of the t-shirt at chest height.
The shirts are available online. Get your soul right.


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