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A BATHING APE® is undoubtedly one of the most legendary streetwear brands. Swatch is proud to announce a partnership with BAPE® with the launch of a limited edition of six watches. This collaboration brings street culture together with the innovative Swiss way of making watches.

Founded in 1993, A BATHING APE – also known as BAPE – is considered to be one of the very first real streetwear brands and seen as a groundbreaking label in street culture. Swatch and BAPE show their love for a globalized world with the launch of six new limited-edition watches, which they dedicate to their favorite (world) cities and to the world as a whole. Bern, London, New York City, Paris, Tokyo and the rest of the world: Here they come!

The latest product line SWATCH BIG BOLD, a striking specimen with an eye-catching watch case with a diameter of 47 mm, forms a bold canvas for this collection with a limited edition. The six models feature a newly designed and characteristic BAPE camouflage pattern with the Ape Head logo on the small hand and the lower part of the watch band. At the same time, the accentuated Swatch logo reminds us of the watchmaker’s debut in the 1980s. The five city watches are numbered and available in a limited edition of 983 or 1993 copies, both numbers being an honorable reference to the birth year of each brand. Together with the sixth model BIG BOLD BAPE The World, this limited edition collection will appeal to great personalities by celebrating the world, diversity and time.

The Swatch x BAPE collection is available now in the Swatch stores and the Swatch online shop. The suggested retail price of the Big Bold BAPE watches is €135.

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