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We all know that yearly around the festival season, thousands of people travel all across the globe, from different cities to see their favorite artists. Well, Woo Hah! never fails to make it happen for their audience.

With big names such as Travis Scott, Stormzy, Skepta and so on, Woo Hah! festival managed to raise the bar once again. Lifting their attenders from 32K to 37K daily! Not only were the big names the performances attended the best, but the little cube was also maybe one of the most lit (explain this word to your parents svp) areas to be. Names such as Jay-Way, Diggitz, Joshua-J and many more made sure to keep the vibe as up as it could be. Not to mention this is a stage for the up and coming artist to show the crowd that they deserve to be on the bigger stages at the festival!

Of course, we made sure to capture the moment for you guys. Our in-house photographer Imani van der Horst made sure to capture to moments for you along with the rest of Woo Hah!’s very own camera crew.

Enjoy the moments and make sure to be there next year since the dates are already set for the 10th,11th and 12th of July!


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